The clients wanted an elegant vibe and a space of representation, where they can entertain guests. The house dates back to 1908, it is medium-sized and it was bought unfurnished.

It all starts with the clients, their profile, and their wishes. Knowing them very well and listening to their dream home vision, we designed elegant & cozy „places”.


Interior Design, 3D Rendering


The context

We introduced more light into the spaces, as the original orientation and the XXth century interior partition kept it quite dark. Therefore we used light and reflecting finishes for the floors and pastel color for the walls in the main spaces, as well as artificial light accents where needed.
Following Mies van der Rohe’s lesson, we made a strict selection of rich materials to have a clear mood board and unity of spaces: Crema Marfil marble, brass, and wood. The color palette was also restricted to pastel shades of two complementary colors, in this case, yellow and violet.
For the coherence of the spaces, the accessories are all using brass: the staircase handrail, the light fixtures, and even some decorations.

The contemporary Art Deco revival furniture objects have a geometric ‘glam’ that when added to the rich finishes, such as a marble floor, need nothing else. Therefore we could use just a few furniture statement pieces, that speak for themselves and are highlighted against the architectural surfaces.

The Ground floor:
Space is composed of a large hall with a newly designed staircase, a living room, a playroom for the two children of the family ( a future dining) a kitchen, and servant spaces, such as a bathroom. This small bathroom has a black glass wall, that reflects the room and looks luxurious, yet minimal next to the white and brass elements.

The main hall: the floor finishing is Crema Marfil marble, the walls are paneled with simple elegant frames and the furnishing is limited to the minimum necessary: a larger and a smaller console table, a mirror, and lighting fixtures.

The living room is connected to the main hall, the playroom, and a beautiful exterior terrace with a garden view. The living room includes a dining area which will in time be probably moved in the present playroom when the children will grow.  The wooden floor is continued with paneled walls in an elegant lounge atmosphere: light beige, greige, white, and brass accents.

The playroom has an entire wall with a bookcase, as the clients are avid readers. The bookcase is surrounded by a central fireplace. A large reading armchair and a floor lamp are placed in the center scene. The general ambiance of the room is light, cozy, and warm.

On the ground floor, there is also a large kitchen, fully equipped and with direct access to the garden terrace, the one open towards the living room.  The kitchen is also a cozy space, with elegant butter-white furniture and beige walls, a bow-window-like table area with a built-in sitting bench.

The First floor:
This level is composed of a narrow hallway that is divided into a master bedroom, two children’s bedrooms, and a large bathroom. We created a cozy office or reading place at the end of the hallway, close to a walled bookcase and overwatching the street.
As discussed with the clients, the master bedroom and the large bathroom have an exotic inspiration, but still keep the same Art Deco furniture elements that enhance the exotic effect. In the bathroom, there is a jungle design graphic wallpaper that instantly gives next to the Art Deco decoration objects and light fixtures, an intriguing and artistic effect.
Regarding the two children’s rooms, one for a girl and one for a boy, they are now age-adapted, one with pale yellow walls and the other with very light baby-blue ones, with white furniture. The design will most likely change over time, as the children will grow. The girl’s room is opened towards a little balcony and is equipped with drawing and painting instruments, as she is very talented.


The entire design experience came very naturally due to good communication with the clients, therefore the first proposals were very little retouched.

We believe that a home must reflect its inhabitant’s goals, lifestyle, and preferences, and through design, it can become an uplifting and therapeutic space. The client’s feedback was during all this time very positive. We do hope that we envisioned a pleasant home where the clients have found their ‘nest’.

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