We are Rendercity, an architectural studio specialized in creating 3D Rendering and Virtual Reality experiences.

Selected projects

Our architectural projects include 3D Rendering of Houses, Commercial Buildings, Office Towers. In addition, we truly enjoy creating different lighting moods for Home and Restaurant Visualizations. This increases the photo-realism of the interior design 3D Renderings.

We have created Virtual Reality real-time tours for homes, apartments, and car showrooms. As a result, we can help improve your sales and marketing efforts with proven expertise. For example, see in the posts above some of our 3D Rendering and Virtual Reality experiences.




Hours worked

3D Rendering Process

By continuously improving our workflow, we can guarantee high quality and timely completion of projects.

Furthermore, you can see below a diagram that explains the 3D Rendering creation process:

A detailed brief is key to understand the expectations of the project. It saves you lots of time and it leads to better outcomes. First, we need to understand the scope of work. In the interactive brief form, we kindly ask you to answer a few questions about the requirements of 3D Renders. Is it a residential or a commercial building?  Do you have an existing 3d model or CAD drawings? Also, a google street view address would help if it’s available. Most importantly, when is the deadline, and what is the budget? Knowing all this information allows us to allocate appropriate resources to deliver the right kind of Architectural Visualizations.

3D Rendering Brief

Using the existing information we create the 3D model of the building or the objects. Then, we set up the camera views.

After you review the camera angles and the details, we make any adjustments needed. This step is repeated twice if needed until you confirm that the 3d model and views angles are correct.

We apply materials, add HDRI sky, and create the landscape design.

The textures are adjusted to look photo-realistic with the desired lighting atmosphere, daylight, or dusk.

Once the image looks good we continue adding sky, cars, people, foliage.

In this phase, the final touches are made and when you are happy with the quality and the result, the high-resolution images are rendered.

The high-res images are delivered and we remain available for other work in the future. Finally, we would love to know your feedback. Thank you!

3D Rendering Brief


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